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Why flats have lasted so long across time

Why flats have lasted so long across time by Menina Step


Maybe for some people is obvious that leather flats are inspired by ballerinas shoes  use for ballet since the 18th century, years after were modified by Italian and American designers and perhaps there’s a reason why they have endured so much along the years and they’ve conquered the world. 

The American look for the flats made by Claire McCardell in 1941 are the design we wear nowadays, that also were in the 50’s, 60’s and have now survived in the fashion trending since the 90’s and in its different models, they all have something in common. They’re comfortable, versatile, soft and bring benefits that other kinds of shoes don’t have.

And knowing a little bit more about history but also paying attention to the modern woman needs, Menina offers you the classic ballerina shoe but adapted to these days, offering all a lady wants in her shoes, either for going to work, enjoying a dinner or just taking a walk.

Spanish flats with their exclusive design offer you something that a lady always wants and high heels can’t and that’s liberty. That’s why women prefer to be able to walk, dance and have mobility wearing cute flats shoes rather than 10 inches shoes, and also why have been worn for decades. Menina makes pieces especially for those women who want to look amazing and have freedom while using cute leather shoes.

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