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Handmade Shoes

Why Handmade Shoes Are The Best Option

The footwear market is highly competitive and fragmented with a few major players and a seemingly endless array of smaller players, including designers, marketers, manufacturers, and retailers, all vying for share. The market is divided into two categories: athletic and non-athletic footwear, and handmade and...

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Stepping into 2021

With every new year, we should reflect. Take our experiences and what we’ve learned and use them as our guide through the year ahead of us. Just about anyone could tell you that 2020 wasn't the year anyone was hoping for. However, last year was...

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Three Must-Have Looks For Spring 2021

Spring is upon us! It’s time for the flowers, the pastels, and most importantly, time to step into that warmer weather. Every Spring, we have to evaluate our closet and figure out what looks are going to blossom for this season. Maybe it’s that new...

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