The origin of Menina Step

Las Meninas painting for Menina Step an online store selling shoes made in Spain

Menina Step is a new brand of handcrafted leather shoes founded by four stylish women in Madrid, Spain. Born out of a desire to create sophisticated shoes for everyday wear, Menina Step offers exquisite quality at an affordable price. We only sell what we love!.

The team works exclusively with family-owned factories in Spain to ensure an exceptional product. Leather artisans, expertly trained in the art of shoemaking, carefully craft each pair and bring the Menina Step vision to life.In addition to classic 100% leather ballerinas, Menina Step offers loafers, sandals and espadrilles. Five years into what was once a family project, Menina Step shoes can now be purchased online and at select stores in the United States, Spain and the Philippines.

The name Menina Step was inspired by Las Meninas, a famous oil painting by the Spanish painter Diego Velázquez. Menina Step takes inspiration from the painting’s regal femininity in its designs.

View of the physical store